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A woman who told police she is the mother of two children fathered by Falcons running back Michael Turner was involved in a knock-down-drag-out  with the player’s new girlfriend at his mansion Monday, according to TMZ .

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Mitt Romney is trying to capitalize on twin victories in Arizona and Michigan as the GOP nomination race expands to the 10 states that vote on Super Tuesday. Rival Rick Santorum, who narrowly lost in Michigan, faces…

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wtvm on February 29th, 2012

Texas politicians were closely studying new political maps issued by a federal court to decide whether their next move would be to run, drop out or sue.

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Republican Mitt Romney staved off calamity in his presidential bid by returning to a familiar plan: Attack the surging rival.

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Mitt Romney added to his lead in the race for convention delegates Tuesday with a win in the Arizona Republican presidential primary. Romney also won the Michigan primary, but it was unclear who would win the most delegates…

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Mitt Romney's come-from-behind win in his native Michigan, and his easy victory in Arizona, are obviously good news for the former Massachusetts governor. But they won't resolve the knottiest problems vexing the…

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Bested by Mitt Romney in Arizona and Michigan, Rick Santorum vowed on Tuesday night to continue fighting for the Republican presidential nomination and claimed partial victory by wounding his rival with Super Tuesday just a…

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Some remarkable moments from Tuesday's primaries in Michigan and Arizona:

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Mitt Romney drew strength from Republican loyalists and all but the most conservative voters on Tuesday to claim victory in a grueling GOP presidential primary in his native state of Michigan, an exit poll of voters showed.

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Mitt Romney played to his strengths in Arizona and Michigan, carrying economy voters and those seeking the most electable candidate, according to exit polls conducted for The Associated Press in both states. Romney was able…

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